~ What is Product Buds Project Jam Protothon? ~

Aspiring product managers and product designers are given a problem space to ideate a new product or enhance an existing product and pitch to judges. This event is an exclusive opportunity for aspiring product managers and product designers in the Product Buds community to gain quality hands-on experience & mentorship for their projects and careers.

A special thank you to the support of our Project Jam Protothon sponsors: Exponent, Hacking PM, EMPOWER International Students, and Wonsulting

~ What is the Project Jam Schedule? ~

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Monday, Nov 9th through Thursday, Nov 12th: Project Jam Workshops

  • attendance required for Project Jam team members
  • attendance optional for mentors, judges, and sponsors

Friday, Nov 13th through Sunday, Nov 15th: Protothon Working Sessions & Demo Day

  • attendance required for Project Jam team members from Friday to Sunday
  • attendance required for mentors during their pre-provided availability time
  • attendance required for judges during Demo Day pitches on Sunday
  • attendance optional for sponsors during the duration of the event
~ What are the Goals & Objectives of Project Jam? ~

Meet and collaborate with new people from different educational, professional, and personal backgrounds while learning how to ideate and work in a fast paced environment

Get hands on experience while exploring topics such as user research, cross-functional collaboration and MVP development

Opportunity to sit in on amazing speaker series with senior management at top companies to get practical advice on how to develop in your career and skillset

Get feedback from industry professionals especially in Product Management and Design

Create a work sample that can be add to participants' resume, LinkedIn, and personal portfolio to build their personal brand and boost their chances of landing their dream PM role

~ How Do I Contact the Product Buds Team? ~

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please email productbuds@gmail.com with the subject line 'Project Jam Protothon'.

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~ What are the Project Jam Final Team Deliverables? ~ Theme: The New Normal
  1. Prompt: To be determined (this will be decided by Rd. II Judges by Nov 12th, 5pm PST)

  2. Every team will compile a case study (4 pages maximum, not including appendix or citations) and a pitch deck (15 slides maximum*****) for their product

  3. Teams have creative license regarding what to include in their final case study and pitch deck but judges will expect to see the following from both the case study and pitch deck:

    What problem(s) are you trying to solve with your product?

    What is gained by solving this problem?

    Which are possible user groups and would you target a particular group within these users? Why or why not - how did you prioritize which users to target?

    What are user pain points/problems? What data backs up your assumptions?

    What are possible ways to solve/product ideas for this problem? Solution trade-offs and prioritization?

    What is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? You can create mock-ups/prototype of your MVP to communicate your idea better. You can use no code prototyping software such as Figma, Adobe XD, etc.

    How would you measure the success of your product?

  4. The final case study and pitch deck should be submitted to the Product Buds Devpost by 12:00 PM PST on Nov 15th (the Devpost link will be posted once it is available)

*Teams that are selected to participate in Demo Day will have ONLY 8 minutes to present their product to the panel of judges. Keep this in mind as you create the pitch deck!


Andrew Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen
Head of Product @ Zappos

Bessy Tam

Bessy Tam
Global Product lead @ Google

Mary Yang

Mary Yang
Director of Product @ LinkedIn

Kenton Kivestu

Kenton Kivestu
Founder & CEO @ Rocketblocks

Judging Criteria

  • TBD

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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